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Clay Bricks Ltd    -   DARE TO BE DIFFERENT

Clay Bricks Limited invite you to experience its unique range of bricks. This family business offers quality service, allowing you to choose your own pallets of bricks from the factory, to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Our bricks are available in a variety of STYLES and COLOURS 


Aztec          Rock Face Sovereign   Rock Face Majestic      Colonial               Royal 

(156x70x230) mm     (156x70x350) mm              (200x70x350)  mm              (78x70x230) mm      (78x80x350) mm


Savannah                    Sovereign                  Majestic                   Plaster Brick

(156x70x230)mm               (156x80x350) mm                 (200x80x350)mm                      156x70x230)mm

Click on a brick and you will be presented with the COLOURS available, and CONTRAST choices (and even photos of actual situations.)